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Kekäle Clothing stores - Where Quality clothing & customer service meets

Kekäle is a Finnish Fashion Retailer founded in 1957. Kekäle’s story begins in Joensuu. There our founders Maire and Veikko Kekäle started to sell quality clothes. Since begin Veikko had an motto, that we still listen: “Style doesn’t come from clothes. It comes from the feeling that the clothes make you feel.”

Kekäle clothing brand stores are located in 11 cities around Finland

Still this day we are specialized in quality brand clothing with our 11 stores located in Finland. Our online store has been running since 2012. In 2019 our turnover was over 27 million euros. We have around 240 employees who all have the same passion to help you to find perfect clothes for you.

We wish to serve you individually by having many products that you won’t find elsewhere. We want to offer you timeless desing and effortless pieces that you can wear for a long time. We truly believe that quality wins over quantity.

Our customers’ comfort is of prime importance to us. Effective and knowledgeable customer service has been close to our hearts for over 60 years and that is something that we also cherish now and in the future.

Premium clothing brands for men, women and children

From our selection you are able to find over 120 domestic and international top brands for Women, Men and Children.

For Women we’re offering premium brands like: Andiata, Gant, Makia, Samsoe & Samsoe, Tommy Hilfiger, Part Two, VILA, Max Mara Weekend, S.T.I., Ted Baker and Very Nice.

Mens top brands are Hugo Boss, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger, Olymp, Selected, Meyer, Daniel Hechter, Turo Tailor, Sand, Camel Active and FILA.

Childen Clothing Brands you are able to find from Kitee and Joensuu or from our webshop. Top premium children brands in our selection are, for example: Gant, Makia, Me Too, Metsola, Name It, Levi’s, Reima and Tommy Hilfiger.

Are you intrested to explore Finnish design?

In our selection we have wide range of Finnish fashion brands that are known for the quality and design.

For women we have for example: Marimekko, Andiata, Makia, Balmuir, Joutsen, Very Nice, S.T.I, Katri Niskanen, KN Kati Niemi, Ril’s, and Ritva Falla.

For men we have Makia, Billebeino and Turo.

Kekäle clothing stores

Currently you can find our clothing stores in 11 cities around Finland: